Eat A Bag Of Dicks Coffee Mug + Bag Of Gummy Dicks – Dicks By Mail - Anonymously mail a bag of dicks



Sent 100% Anonymously. Typically ships the same or next business day via USPS Priority 2-3 Day Mail.

Now you can tell your boss exactly what you're thinking without saying a word. Just take a sip of coffee, tea, or whiskey while s/he's complaining about your TPS reports. This big, beautiful "eat a bag of dicks" 16oz mug with gold lettering will get the message across, guaranteed.

Also works for annoying co-workers who just won't shut the hell up, as well as one-night-stands who slept over and won't f*cking get the hint and go home already. How do I like my eggs in the morning?? Alone.

This Gift Includes

► 16oz Ceramic Mug (Glossy black with gold lettering, large handle)

► Tracking number and delivery status emails so you'll know when it's delivered