Prank Candle - Bubble Gum to Dick Breath


The Apple Pie to Dirty Fart candle is a classic DicksByMail Prank, so we went ahead and had an Exclusive candle made for our wonderful customers; Bubble Gum to Dick Breath!

Starts out with a wonderful Bubble Gum smell, but after burning 40% of the candle it hits them with a musty surprise; Dick Breath!

What's that smell like exactly? You'll just have to find out! Muhaha


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Prank candle with unassuming label
  • Changes from good to bad after about an hour
  • Hilarious Hand-crafted prank candle
  • Large candle with 6.3 ounce wax weight
  • Create a funny memory that lasts a lifetime
  • Anonymous Packaging and Shipping