CUNTY Mug - Perfect for coffee, tea or alcohol – Dicks By Mail - Anonymously mail a bag of dicks



FUN FACT: In 2014, Oxford officially added "Cunty" to the dictionary. Sent 100% Anonymously. Typically ships next business day via USPS Priority 2-3 Day Mail.

If you or your friends are a bit CUNTY in the mornings, then this mug is the perfect addition to your shitty morning routine. Fill this CUNTY mug with 12oz of delicious coffee, tea, or alcohol and let the world feel your wrath. Declare "I am CUNTY, hear me roar!" 

If this is a gift, you can add a card with a handwritten message. You can also add a dicklicious Bag Of Dicks that says Eat A Bag Of Dicks!

What's Included

► 12oz Ironstone Ceramic Mug (Glossy black and white, large handle, black accent rim)

► Wrapped in colorful tissue paper

► Tracking number and delivery status emails so you'll know when it's delivered