Penis Confetti! Posted on 4 Oct 22:56

We released the Penis Confetti option about 2 weeks ago and it's been a big hit among DicksByMail customers!

We had around 20 pounds of glorious tiny penises to add to our bag of dicks. (I wonder how many penises in total that is? 50,000? 100,000? Maybe we'll run a "Guess how many penises are in the jar contest"?)

Anyways, I digress as we were just testing the waters with the add-on option and we went through our supplies pretty quick. Not to worry though, we have a couple hundred pounds on it's way and all of your bag of dick needs/orders will be fulfilled!

If you wanted to add the option to any orders from today (10-4) to around (10-17), then they will be slightly delayed and shipped out on the 17th! We'll be set for many months to come after that.

Happy Dicking!