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Bag of Dicks + Dick Confetti!


This bag of dicks is a great way to tell your friends, family, loved ones, or enemies to 'EAT A BAG OF DICKS'. Bag of gummy dicks sent anonymously with a stock message, this product will get your point across in a way that nobody will mistake.

The Bag of Dicks + Dick Confetti comes with our standard bag of dicks, Eat a Bag of Dicks notecard, and a whole envelope of DickFetti.. Add your choosing of Bonus and Birthday Pranks from the drop down menu! 

A tasty gift? or just a funny reminder that someone should stuff it; leave the recipient guessing!

IMPORTANT: Make sure you put the recipient's name and address in the shipping option. Otherwise it's you that ends up with the bag of dicks, albeit deservedly. 

**Recipient and purchaser must be 18 years of age or older**

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