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Tommy Lee Gets a Chocolate Pride Dick in The Mail! Posted on 20 Jul 12:46

The one and only Tommy Lee of Motley Crue received some DicksByMail this week and went to his Instagram to let the world know. It sounds like he knows who sent him the mysterious chocolate dick in the mail, and as always here at it was all in good fun. 
We hope you enjoyed your Chocolate Pride Dick, Tommy! :-)

Steak and BlowJob Day Video! Posted on 14 Mar 16:30

Check Out Our Original Steak and BlowJob Day Video!

Hopefully you and your loved one will be participating this year! 

We partnered with Nomadic Creations to make this video come to life! can Eat a Bag of Dicks! Posted on 28 Sep 14:42

Not Funny! Who did this? We must know.

Ariel Winter Wears Shirt to the Gym! Posted on 3 Jul 11:41

Ariel Winter of NBC's Modern Family has fine taste in active wear!

She posted this photo last night on Instagram wearing our Eat a Bag of Dicks Shirt.  

The photo has accumulated over 224,000 likes and was picked up by the Daily Mail:

Pick Yours Up Today! :-)


New Spring Loaded Dick Bombs! Posted on 31 Jul 13:08

We worked hard putting this product together to ensure maximum spring action and dick confetti!

The Spring Loaded Dick Bomb will make sure your recipients suffer and get hundreds of tiny micropenises all over their car or apartment. See the below video of the Dick Bomb in action and send a Dick Bomb today!

Check Us Out on Herb.Co! Posted on 18 Mar 13:48 was nice enough to do a feature article on our lovely Dick website.

Check it out here;

Valentines Day Boxes - Put Your Dicks in a Box! Posted on 23 Jan 13:36

In preparation for Valentines Day, we had these awesome and deceiving boxes made for your enjoyment.

Leave your recipient confused and guessing what could be in such a romantic box, only to discover the bottom of the box or the contents inside!

Choose the Valentines Day Box option and send your bag of dicks in a box!

We'll be shipping these dicks in a box the first and second week of February. Order today and send someone you know (Perhaps a deserving EX?) a bag of dicks in a box!




New "EAT A BAG OF DICKS" Koozies! Posted on 18 Nov 10:37

For only a few bucks you can drink in style this holiday season!

We're kicking out all sorts of new products. Keep your eyes out for some more fun in the next couple of weeks!



NEW EAT A BAG OF DICKS T-SHIRT! Posted on 19 Oct 16:22

Grab the new T-shirt and tell everyone you see to "KEEP CALM AND EAT A BAG OF DICKS"!

Place your Pre-order now and we'll be shipping out our first batch on 10-31-16.

The "EAT A BAG OF DICKS" T-Shirt is perfect for any occasion;

1. Family gatherings

2. Casual Friday's at the office

3. Holidays

4. Resignations

5. Presidential Debates

The list could go on, but you get the point. Grab yours before the holidays!

Penis Confetti! Posted on 4 Oct 22:56

We released the Penis Confetti option about 2 weeks ago and it's been a big hit among DicksByMail customers!

We had around 20 pounds of glorious tiny penises to add to our bag of dicks. (I wonder how many penises in total that is? 50,000? 100,000? Maybe we'll run a "Guess how many penises are in the jar contest"?)

Anyways, I digress as we were just testing the waters with the add-on option and we went through our supplies pretty quick. Not to worry though, we have a couple hundred pounds on it's way and all of your bag of dick needs/orders will be fulfilled!

If you wanted to add the option to any orders from today (10-4) to around (10-17), then they will be slightly delayed and shipped out on the 17th! We'll be set for many months to come after that.

Happy Dicking!