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New - Dick Glitter! Posted on 28 Jul 22:29

We're excited to have added our Dick Glitter option to our bags of dicks!

Now you can prank your friends or enemies TWICE by adding glitter to their package.

When they open their package, they'll see glitter flying everywhere and be infected with the glitter-herpes for days. Then once they get past the glitter, they'll discover that they have a bag of dicks waiting for them with the message "EAT A BAG OF DICKS"

This is one of many new offerings that DicksByMail will be coming out with! We look forward to being your one stop shop when it comes to pranking your friends or enemies!

So bookmark our site, follow us on Social Media, whatever you need to do, and get ready for some awesome stuff coming out!


Ever wonder what gummy dicks look like when they hit hot girls butts in slow motion? Posted on 07 Aug 15:31

Well thankfully we partnered with My Rules Media to do just that, strictly in the name of science.

Apple Pie to Dirty Fart Prank Candle Posted on 14 May 15:10

We are proud to announce our next product, the dicks by mail prank candle!

Our prank candle starts off smelling like delicious apple pie for the first several hours of burn, but then it switches to the smell of dirty fart.  Your recipient will be in for a real surprise.

Shipped anonymously with a variety of messages, including:

"Sorry about the dicks.  Please accept this candle as an apology."

"Hope you liked the dicks!  Here is a candle to enjoy."

"Thought you might enjoy this candle"

We have both candles and dicks in stock and shipping within a few business days!

Dicks are In Stock and Shipping Fast Posted on 23 Apr 13:13

We currently have dicks in stock and we are shipping them within a few business days!

Thousands of more dick shipments are on the way! Posted on 17 Apr 14:02

Here is a quick picture from our warehouse! Just waiting on the Post Man (Person?) to pick them up!

I would love to see their face! It is A LOT of DICK! 

Yours Truly,

-Dick Richards

Thousands more dicks to hit the mail soon Posted on 09 Apr 16:31

The first of two dick trucks arrived today and the next one is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

We should be fully caught up with all the existing orders by Monday and we may have them all done by Saturday since we are doing an overtime shift at the warehouse Saturday.

Tons of dick will be in the mail soon!

Warehouse Pictures & Shipping Update Posted on 03 Apr 13:33

Good news, we are adding a Saturday shift ... we should have a lot of the orders ordered on or before the 19th out very soon, many of them tomorrow and the rest on Monday. We will probably also process a portion of orders from the 20th.

Here are pictures of our current inventory in our warehouse ... and we have lots lots more coming.


Shipping Update - The dicks are coming! Posted on 03 Apr 11:10

We are sorry about the delay on shipping some orders. We will be posting a video of our inventory and orders being fulfilled from our warehouse on Monday.

You WILL receive a tracking number and shipping confirmation e-mail when your order ships.

All orders placed on or before March 19th will be shipped by Tuesday of next week and tracking information will be provided.

We will post an update on when orders placed after March 19th will be shipping. We have two trucks delivering more dicks in about a week.

Please bear with us, we have been crushed by the number of orders.

All the orders will be filled and we will post more information about expected shipping information soon.

Shape up -ship out! Posted on 26 Mar 12:36

I won't lie - I wasn't sure if I'd be able to fulfill the orders that came in from last week. Rather than talking to 100 different news agencies, I started working my ass off to make sure of 2 things

1) I could get the bags of dicks

2) I could mail the bags of dicks


And after a week of phone calls and weird conversations, its happening. I've currently got 3 tons of dicks on the way to a warehouse and a group of sorority girls waiting to do what they do best - STUFF DICKS.

Expect the to start hearing screams from offices all around you and for my dicks to be all over your facebook AGAIN.


Thanks for your orders and Keep tuned for things to come!

WORLD WIDE SHIPPING Posted on 19 Mar 16:18

Alright everyone!, Shipping is now available all over the world (except the Antarctic tundra - FUCK YOU PENGUINS). 

Send dicks around the world!