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Shape up -ship out! Posted on 26 Mar 12:36

I won't lie - I wasn't sure if I'd be able to fulfill the orders that came in from last week. Rather than talking to 100 different news agencies, I started working my ass off to make sure of 2 things

1) I could get the bags of dicks

2) I could mail the bags of dicks


And after a week of phone calls and weird conversations, its happening. I've currently got 3 tons of dicks on the way to a warehouse and a group of sorority girls waiting to do what they do best - STUFF DICKS.

Expect the to start hearing screams from offices all around you and for my dicks to be all over your facebook AGAIN.


Thanks for your orders and Keep tuned for things to come!

WORLD WIDE SHIPPING Posted on 19 Mar 16:18

Alright everyone!, Shipping is now available all over the world (except the Antarctic tundra - FUCK YOU PENGUINS). 

Send dicks around the world!

Frighteningly Sober Post 1 - Shipping dates and Worldwide Shipping Posted on 19 Mar 08:56

Hey everyone, 

First off - Wow. I am pretty much swimming in dicks over here and can't wait to send them out to all you terrible people and your friends/annoying people in life. 

With the overwhelming response, we may be delayed by a few days but plan on getting everything out as timely as possible. so stop asking.

Worldwide shipping is something that I am currently working on. I'm hoping to have it added today or tomorrow, just finding the best rate for you guys. Unless you think 50 GBP is a fair rate to send a bag of dicks to Glasgow - NO? DIDN'T THINK SO.

Sober Post #1 - Ironically on St Paddys Day Posted on 17 Mar 10:51

So I woke up this morning with a bunch of orders and didn't know why. Apparently one of the first order recipients posted on imgur and a bunch of you idiots ordered bags of dicks for your moms (as is tradition).


You can see the package here but you should probably just order a bag of dicks for the entire country of Ireland.

Drunk Blog #1 Posted on 4 Mar 13:56

So this is a thing now. 

We've all had a dream. I once had a dream to tell someone to EAT A BAG OF DICKS. I also wanted to own an elephant and see Steve Martin preform his classic stand-up routine. Not all dreams are meant to be. But today we are making one of my dreams come true. 

Dicks by Mail is now a reality. Not only can I tell a person to eat a bag of dicks. I can do it from my home, in my underwear, drinking a beer. And the best part is - You can too. We all can. 

Send a Bag of Dicks today. Make some dreams come true.